How old is your website? Should you consider a new website in 2019?

How long has it been since your website was updated?

Technology, internet speeds, and the mobile-first web trends have been progressing steadily. The best platform or technology even a few years ago possibly isn’t the best today. When reviewing your current website and platform you should be asking yourself how can I take advantage of some of the latest technology to offer more value and a better experience for your customers.

What benefits can a new or updated website provide?

The benefits to your customers and business will be unique to your case. But, taking advantage of new mobile-friendly and modern technologies such as Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project your business can provide a better experience for your customers and increase traffic and conversion rate. Taking a look are new technologies and platforms will allow you to tailor your website to your business and customers and provide an optimized experience.

With the growth of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube if you are not taking advantage of these new avenues for advertisement and growth your competitors will be. Having a website with the Facebook Pixel and/or Google Analytics tracking code installed properly provides accurate and quantifiable data on how and when your advertising spend is most effective. Using the highly-targetable advertising possible today provides great value to businesses of all sizes.

A new website is expensive, right?

Not at all. With the many new platforms and technologies out there it is easier than ever to get a custom-tailored website for your business and customers. Whether your website is simply a web-presence for your business or is a integral part of your business 2019 is great time to explore options and consider updating your website.

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